Welcome to MyChineseLanguage

Hi and welcome to the exclusive club of adventurous learners, friends and relatives given a sneak preview of MyChineseLanguage*, the new self-tutoring course in Mandarin Chinese!

You have been given the link to this page as you have expressed an interest in commenting on its progress so far. It is all very much in early design, pre-production mode (variable quality audio for example) so you are asked please to take it as it is. Later on, of course, you will be asked to start it going viral!

Several features distinguish MyChineseLanguage from other products. It focusses on Pinyin (as well as characters). It makes extensive use of transliteration. It is written by native English speakers learning Chinese under the close guidance of native Chinese speakers. Want to know more? Please press Register.

MyChineseLanguage account registration

If you are happy to accept these conditions, and to give MyChineseLanguage a going over, please press Next.

You will be asked for a few details to create your user account, and from there you will be directed to the MyChineseLanguage user zone.

* working title

ABN 47 837 374 677

Incorporated in Australia

January 2023

There are a lot of functions and features being brought together in this package and all effort so far has been towards integration of several technologies.

  • Structured programmes and lessons
  • Integration of simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, literal English and colloquial English
  • Video recordings
  • Audio recordings
  • Word and sentence lists
  • Self-directed practice tools
  • Conversations - smalltalk
  • Quizzes
  • Multi-platform feasibility
  • Database and reporting
  • Focus on benefits of transliteration to learn idiomatic Chinese
  • Dictionary that helps you learn

But minimum effort yet on presentation, so some of it is daggy, not sexy at all. Please be patient. If the functionality is appreciated, i.e. if it helps you learn Mandarin Chinese, then prettying it up comes next!

It is planned to give you ongoing feedback of your progress through the course so you will need to register a few details on a database. All the data gathered about you will be kept strictly confidential.

We will also value your feedback and there will be a feedback form accessed by a link on your menu page. Tell us if

  • You find any errors
  • If you have any ideas for what else we could do
  • Which device you are using and if the app looks ok
  • ...